English Football Betting

English football betting takes place each year on the Premier League, the English professional football league. A total of 20 clubs are listed on the English soccer betting line. The English football betting season runs from August to May with teams playing 38 games each.

English football betting has seen as many as 40 different clubs in the league but only four have ever won the title. They are Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsensal and Blackburn. The 2008 Champion in Premier League odds will be either Manchester United or Chelsea. English football betting is the most popular type of soccer betting and the Premier League is the most watched league in the world.

English football betting has had Manchester United win the most titles in history with nine. If they win in Premier League betting as expected in 2008 it will mark their 10th title. English football betting is very top heavy with Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal the three top teams followed by Liverpool. This makes for heavy favorites sometimes in betting odds Premier League action. Teams are constantly changing at the bottom because English soccer betting in the Premier League sees three teams relegated and three teams promoted each season.

Betting English Premier football is very popular around the world, especially in Europe. It is the equivalent of the NFL in terms of popularity and gamblers really love English soccer betting online. With the huge popularity comes a multitude of English football betting tips. Everyone has an opinion on English football betting and they love to share their insight. England football betting is available at SBG Euro with two different English soccer betting lines. There is the goal line that has you laying a half goal, full goal, or goal and a half in English soccer betting or the three-way English football betting line that includes the draw. With so many matches ending in a draw the three-way line can hold some appeal for gamblers looking at English Premier soccer betting.

English football betting is the most talked about type of football betting in Europe. Take a look at the great English football betting online options available today and enjoy the action.