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Golf is played around the world and is very popular with online betting. Let’s take a look at how to make a golf bet and the different golf betting options you will see.

The first type of golf bet at an online sportsbook is to wager on a golfer to win the tournament and the second type of golf bet is on individual golfers matched up against one another. The first golf betting option involves picking one golfer to win the tournament.

If you are willing to take a stand against Tiger Woods to win a golf tournament then you can often find attractive golf odds on other players. Also, don’t forget that you can also bet women’s golf with the same two golf betting options of picking a player to win a tournament or the matchups.

Golf betting matchups have become the main way many people bet golf today. Golf betting matchups are based on the money line and are very easy to understand. You just need your golfer to finish better than the other golfer to win when betting golf.

Golf Betting Matchup

Adam Scott + 200
Tiger Woods - 240

You are risking $240 dollars for every $100 you want to win on Woods or the 2.4/1 equivalent while you get $200 dollars for every $100 you risk on Scott. Betting matchups is much easier to do because you are just trying to beat one golfer instead of every golfer in the tournament.

As you get involved in online golf betting what do you want to look at? The first handicapping tip would be to consider how golfers have done at this particular tournament. You want to select a golfer that has had reasonable success at this week’s event and it also helps to have him matched up against someone that has struggled.

Another golf betting handicapping tip involves looking at the course for this week’s tournament and see if it favors a certain type of player. Some courses are made for distance players while others have tough greens and are made for expert putters.

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