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Most boxing fans only pay attention to betting when big name fighters are on the boxing card but you can bet on boxing whenever boxing betting lines are available.

Boxing betting has a couple of different betting options and we’ll look at both of those in addition to looking at few handicapping tips. Boxing betting lines are usually available every month of the year at online sportsbooks.

Betting boxing is similar in some respects to betting baseball because the sport is based on the money line with usually higher priced favorites. You also get to bet a total just like baseball.

Boxing Betting Odds

Boxer B + 160
Boxer A - 200

Boxing Betting Totals

Over 11.5 Rounds - 120
Under 11.5 Rounds + 100

Boxing Betting Draws

Yes + 1,600
No - 2,500

Boxing betting has been around a long time although its popularity has dwindled in the past decade. Boxing has had its share of controversies but it is still an exciting sport to wager on. As you consider boxing betting you want to handicap the bout just as you would any other sporting event. That means you do the research on both fighters.

You can find this information from boxing sites before you make a boxing bet. That research should include more than just the basic boxing stats. You want to look at each fighter’s style, weaknesses, and history. You also want to see if there is value on the boxing betting line with either of the two fighters. Laying big money in boxing is risky so you want to make sure you have done the handicapping before you place your wager.

You should also consider the round option since it may offer more value and not be as expensive in terms of boxing odds. These are just a few things to keep in mind as you bet boxing.

Boxing matches are posted nearly every month of the year for you to bet on boxing on a regular basis. Be sure to view all of the boxing betting options available at SBG Euro.

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