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Tennis betting options include betting on whether a specific player will win a tennis tournament or tennis betting matchups.

Tennis betting choices begin with odds on players to win a tournament. They will range anywhere from odds-on to 100-1 or more. Tennis betting odds on a player like Roger Federer might be 1-2 or less while an unknown player might have odds of 100-1 or more.

Oftentimes the long shot players in a tournament will be grouped into the “field” tennis bet. Odds for a player to win a tournament are called “futures” because you are betting on a player to win a tournament before it begins.

The other main tennis bet option is the matchup. The tennis betting matchup has you betting one player against another. Most of these bet tennis matchups are available on the quarterfinals, semifinals and the final of each tournament.

Sometimes you will see early round tennis betting matchups but usually the lines are too high since you have top rated players taking on unknown players.

Tennis Betting Matchup

David Nalbandian +180
Roger Federer -220

For this matchup you would risk $220 to win $100 on Roger Federer or the 22/10 equivalent or you would risk $100 and win $180 on David Nalbandian or the 10/18 equivalent. Matchups are a popular way for gamblers to wager on tennis. Instead of having to pick just one player to win a tournament all you have to do to win a matchup is have your player defeat the other player.

If you are looking at wagering on the tennis matchups you can do your handicapping just as you would with other sports. You can look at the head-to-head data in addition to historical data for the tournament.

Tennis betting is popular on Grand Slam events like the French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open but our sportsbook offers betting on tennis tournaments nearly every month of the year. Feel free to view all of the tennis betting odds available at SBG Euro throughout the tennis betting season.

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