Triple Crown Betting

     In the world of horse racing, there is wagering and there is Triple Crown betting. To the uninitiated they may seem like one and the same but that is clearly not the case. For those who don't know, Triple Crown betting is simply the most exciting bit of equine betting on the planet. And horse betting is every other horse race.

This year the race for the Triple Crown is off to a strange start –for lack of a better word. It all begin with the Kentucky Derby which saw 50-1 long shot Mine That Bird romp it's way to an enormous victory. The horse betting world was thrown for a loop and at first glance it might seem like a huge story in the making.

In actuality, Mine That Birds' lengthy victory doesn't bode well for the Triple Crown horse betting. Track conditions were atrocious and the little horse got a good break with a hole opening near the rail and jockey Calvin Borel rode him to perfection. But on dry track at the shorter length of the Preakness, horse betting odds do favor Mine That Bird.

And with the possible addition of Rachel Alexandra to the Preakness horse betting field, Mine That Bird is all but assured not to be the favorite at Pimlico. And so it would seem that yet another year will go by in horse betting where a horse fails to capture the Triple Crown.

But let's not forget that the Triple Crown is one of the most difficult feats in not only horse betting but all of sports. Consider that the all time greats like Man 'O War could only muster wins in two of the three races. Seabiscut wasn't even considered as a Triple Crown contender and the Great Cigar never even ran in a Triple Crown horse betting field.

In today's era it's even more difficult for a horse to win the Triple Crown. Much of it has to do with the tight schedule of the Triple Crown. Horse betting fans know that typically horses get one to two months off between major races. However, the time between horse betting's biggest races is only a matter of weeks. This adds a whole new level of wear and tear to the horses that most owners aren't willing to assume in today's era of horse betting.

Injury is also a major worry as intensive breeding seems to produce faster but more brittle horses and many horse betting favorites in the Triple Crown betting don't even make it to the races because of injury.

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