Round Robin Bets

A round robin bet is basically every possible parlay combination involving the chosen plays. For example, in a four-team round robin bet at our sportsbook, you could combine your four plays into two-team parlays, three-team parlays or both. The amount for each of the parlay bets will be the same.

If one of your teams in the round robin bet loses, then all parlays that have that team or selection in them would lose.

For example, let’s say you have a three-team round robin parlay bet where you are betting $100 two-teamers with first game being the New England Patriots at -7, the second game being Manchester United at -1.5 goals and the Los Angeles Lakers at -5.

Round Robin Three Two-Team Combinations

New England -7 and Manchester United -1.5
New England -7 and the Lakers -5
Manchester United -1.5 and the Lakers -5

Each one of these two-team parlay bets has the normal 2.6 to 1 payoff odds. The round robin wager will cost $300 (three $100 two-team parlays).

If only one or none of the three teams wins, then none of the round robin parlays win and you lose $300. If two plays win, then one parlay bet would be a winner (+$260) and two of them would be losers (-$200) resulting in a profit of $60. If all three plays win, then all of the round robin parlays would be winners and you would win $780 ($260 x 3).

Round Robin Restrictions

A minimum of $10 is required on all parlay bets when wagering over the Internet or call center.