Prop Bets or Proposition Wager

Prop bets also known as proposition wagers involve a numerous amount of proposed situations that are most popular during televised sporting events. Betting on props at an online sportsbook is extremely popular during the World Cup, Super Bowl and other high profile games like the UEFA Cup, Triple Crown, World Series, etc.

Many gamblers love prop bets because they add excitement to the game or tournament. Below is a sample of possible World Cup prop bets.

World Cup Prop Bets

Player to score the most goals in the World Cup
First team to score in the World Cup
Total number of goals scored by a team
Which country will win the World Cup
Time of the first goal

Prop betting can be handicapped just like you would a pointspread side or a total. You can win money on a prop bet just as easily as you can on a side wager and in some cases before the game even starts! The props are normally based on money lines where you would risk a certain amount of money such as $110 for every $100 or it might be a prop where you are risking $150 to win $100 or the 15/10 equivalent.

The Super Bowl is another game that attracts a lot of money in terms of proposition wagers. Below is a sample of possible Super Bowl prop bets.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

First player to score
Total interceptions
Total sacks,
Yards by a quarterback or running back
Field Goals made

Betting proposition wagers can be as exciting as the game itself. Many handicappers will look at prop bets over the side and total wagers for many marquee events.