UEFA Cup Betting

UEFA Cup betting takes place every year with clubs from around Europe playing in the tournament. Clubs can qualify for the UEFA Cup in a variety of ways based upon their in leagues and competitions. UEFA Cup betting begins as teams play a group stage then proceeds to qualifying rounds. Here is a look at more information on bet cup UEFA action.

UEFA Cup betting currently has two knockout qualifying rounds in July and August. After the qualifying rounds the teams are whittled down to 40 and they enter the group stage which makes for exciting UEFA Cup betting. There are eight groups of five teams each to consider in UEFA Cup betting. Each team plays the other in a round-robin format and UEFA Cup betting odds are listed on each match. The top three teams in each group advance and are joined by eight third place teams from the Champions League. The teams then take a break during the winter and come back with knockout round play in the spring with UEFA Cup betting odds on each match. These matches are played in two-legs with the UEFA Cup bet winner advancing on aggregate. The format will change beginning in 2009-2010 as the group stage will have 12 groups of four instead of the 8 groups of five. Qualifying will also change.

UEFA Cup odds are popular around the world as they give gamblers additional options during the busy football season. UEFA Cup odds will have teams from Spain as major participants. Sevilla FC won in UEFA Cup betting in 2006 and 2007. They were upset in 2008 and will not be three time champs. One thing to remember about UEFA Cup betting is that normally the top teams from Europe are competing in other competitions so second or third tier teams from European leagues could win in UEFA Cup betting. Just looking at past bet cup UEFA results shows that Italian clubs dominated in the 1990’s while Spanish clubs have had more recent success. In the 1990’s the Italian teams won in bet cup UEFA action eight times. Internazionale FC won it three times in the 1990’s. Three teams have won in UEFA Cup betting in three straight years. Those bet cup UEFA winners were Inter Milan, Juventus and Liverpool.