Euro Cup Betting

Euro Cup betting on Euro 2008 gets underway from Austria and Switzerland on June 7th and concludes June 29th. A total of 16 teams will be part of Euro Cup odds. Austria and Switzerland received automatic bids as the host teams while 14 others qualified as part of Euro Cup football betting.

Euro Cup betting actually got underway months ago with qualifying as winners and runner-ups from seven groups qualified for Euro 2008. Euro Cup betting odds for Euro 2008 have a total of four groups of four teams each. The Euro Cup betting favorite in Group A is Portugal followed by the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Turkey. The Group B Euro Cup betting favorite is Germany followed by Poland, Croatia and Austria. The Group C Euro Cup betting favorite is either France or Italy followed by the Netherlands and Romania. Group D has Spain the Euro Cup odds favorite followed by Sweden, Greece and Russia.

Euro Cup betting is very popular around the world. It is the world’s second most watched sporting event topped only by the World Cup. Euro Cup betting in 204 saw 7.9 billion people watching the action. The final was watched by as many as 279 million viewers. Euro 2008 should have even higher numbers as Euro Cup betting gets even more popular.

The 2004 winner in Euro Cup odds was Greece as they defeated Portugal by a score of 1-0. The 2000 winner was France who defeated Italy 2-1 in betting Euro odds. Germany won in 1996 2-1 over the Czech Republic in betting Euro odds. The 1992 winner was Denmark as they defeated Germany 2-0 in betting Euro odds. The 1988 winner was the Netherland over Russia 2-0 in Euro Cup betting. 1984 had France winning 2-0 over Spain in betting Euro odds. The 1980 winner in Euro Cup odds was West Germany 2-1 over Belgium. 1976 saw Czechoslovakia win in a penalty shootout over West Germany. West Germany won 3-0 in 1972 over Russia in Euro Cup odds. Italy won in a replay against Yugoslavia in 1968 in Euro Cup odds. Spain won 2-1 over Russia in 1964 in Euro Cup betting and Russia won 2-1 over Yugoslavia in 1960.